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Live. Laugh. Eat

Or whatever that Hobby Lobby sign says

You've made it together this long, but can it go much further on an empty stomach? Jose's is here to help celebrate and keep everyone satisfied. Allergies and dietary restrictions can be accommodated easily with our customizable catering options. Our passion is fresh flavors for all, that means you, your partner, and everyone you both hold close. How's that for a celebration? 

When we cater, we take care of every aspect of the gig. No pressure on you to prepare or clean up, let alone set up anything. When the food is done, we'll come back and clean up the mess like it never happened, leaving you full and satisfied. Contact any of our three Southeast Wisconsin locations to get the party started!



Order catering through the nearest Jose’s to you—we have three unique locations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. If you want to focus on your guests and let us take care of everything else, add delivery and setup to your order. We charge:

  • A $30 fee for delivery within 15 miles
  • A $50 fee for delivery outside 15 miles

Anniversary Catering cost

The cost of catering for your anniversary party depends on how many people you're willing to feed. Whether it's just a special meal between the 2 of you or you're celebrating with 100 of your closest friends and family, we've got the right catering package. Every catered buffet includes:

  • Plasticware, plates & napkins
  • Serving utensils
  • Chafing dishes & fuel
  • Stands


Traditional Mexican buffet catering cost

You’re all about that music, those drinks, and having a great time with friends & family. We’re just there to keep the people fed, and we’re ok with that. Our traditional options cost as little as $11.95 per guest, meaning your catering will cost:

  • Up to $239 for 20 guests*
  • Up to $598 for 50 guests*
  • Up to $2,390 for 200 guests*

Elevated Mexican buffet catering cost

If you’re interested in meals with a little more flare than our taco bars, we suggest our Steak ala Mexicana priced at $18.45 per person or Grande Pollo Frito priced at $17.95 per person from our street bar—unique versions of classic dishes. That means your catering will cost:

    • Up to $369 for 20 guests*
    • Up to $923 for 50 guests*
    • Up to $3,690 for 200 guests*


Or, if you’re feeling spicy, we’ve got fajita bar catering options ranging from $18-$21 a person. With three meat options and a veggie option, even the pickiest eaters will be satisfied. Have your choice of two meat or veggie bases, then enjoy the included tortillas, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsas, and chips. That means your catering will cost:

    • Up to $419 for 20 guests*
    • Up to $1,048 for 50 guests*
    • Up to $4,190 for 200 guests*

*These prices include necessities like silverware and chafing dishes; and delicious necessities like salsa, rice & beans, and tortillas. These prices do not include any additional enhancers or tax & delivery.