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Below are a few guidelines to your dining experience.

  • Please limit the number of diners to four.
  • Please adhere to the individual restaurant’s dining policies.
  • Please only enjoy one appetizer per table, one entrée per guest, one alcoholic beverage per guest and one dessert per guest.
  • Shhhhh! Be sure to keep this a secret! Do not announce the reason of your visit to any staff members until the end of your dining experience.
  • After the check is presented please inform your server that you would like to speak with a manager to apply a special form of payment to your check. At this time the manager will ensure the payment is properly handled. You will not be responsible for payment or tipping.
  • The server will receive 20% gratuity.

Filling out the “Server/Bartender Evaluation”

  • Please be sure to fill in the name of the person serving you.
  • Answer every question in the applicable box.
  • If you have any additional comments please email them to kmalmstadt@derosacorp.com
Enjoy your visit!! Thank you for choosing DeRosa Restaurants!

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